As the Post Chaplain I am here to serve the leaders and members of the Post in various ways, which exceed just conducting ceremonial prayers at different functions. My goal is to make myself available to help and serve the spiritual and emotional needs of the Post members and their families. In support of the Post's mission, we have established a weekly gathering every Thursday at 6pm that we call the Forge. This is a casual environment where veterans can express themselves amongst other veterans and know that what they say will remain in confidence. This is led by the chaplain, but it is a form of peer-to-peer resiliency counseling to help assist veterans that are struggling and educate them on resources and tools that are available to them. Also, as the Chaplain, I am available to members of the Post for counsel in a non-group setting as well, and I can assist the individual with navigating the different resources that are available to them. As the year continues, it is my plan to keep building on what the Post has and increase the number of Chaplain run programs. This will include things that are not just for the individual veteran but for their whole family as well. 
I would love to get to know each and every member of the Post better, so please reach out to myself either by phone or email and let's set up a time to have coffee or lunch together. You are an important part of this Post, and comradeship is an important part of what we do here.
You can email me at or call me at (501) 716-8845. I look forward to hearing from and getting to know each of you.

Chris Reif
Chaplain, Post 8845